2019 Survey on the Internet Macroseismic Practice in Europe

Although today the experience of collection and analysis of internet macroseismic data has reached high levels in many European countries, the methods we use are still quite different and usually tailored to the needs of local customs and seismicity.

In February 2019 the ESC WG launched an Intensity Data Survey to give the WG a head start in understanding how each institute gathers its macroseismic data, which intensity procedures are used and how macroseismic data can/are already shared. The survey will provide us important information how macroseismic data can be shared in the future between the institutes and countries, i.e. the ultimate goal of this ESC Working Group in Internet Macroseismology.

Link to the survey: Intensity Data Survey

We’ll be interested in your responses !
Valerio, Patrizia, Paola & Koen

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